Relieving sciatica pain one stretch at a time.

Here’s a simple exercise routine to soothe those nerves and strengthen your lower back. Get Regular tips on Neuro condition and it’s relief 💯👇 Follow us on @drhrishikesh.neuroNeurosurgery OPD (Brain, Spine and Nerve).Get your consultation with Delhi/NCR finest Neurosurgeon. Contact for info: –Visit :- :- 8766352839Email :- Brain tumorBrain strokeSpine TumorSciaticaBackpainNeurosurgeryNeurospine SurgerySlipped discNeurotraumaBrachial […]

Are Elderly patient more prone to Stroke in Winters?

Cases of brain stroke rise significantly during the winter. A brain stroke is a potentially fatal condition. When bathing in the bathroom, brain stroke is more common. A ‘bathroom stroke’ is what it’s called. In fact, when bathing in cold water in the winter, cold water falls on the head, releasing the adrenaline hormone, which […]

Headache: Could It Be a Brain Tumor?

As said by Best doctor for brain tumor in vaishali Ghaziabad, a bad headache can be scary. When you’re suffering from severe headaches, it’s difficult not to think the worst. If the pain persists or returns, you may be concerned that you have a serious problem, such as a brain tumour. The good news is that […]

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